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You   can   search   on   Google   my   name, Moro    Knives,    and    find    some    links about   me   in   websites   knife   maker   or on the media platform youtube. On    the    left    there    are    some    useful links that you can click. Be   a   knife   maker   is   not   easy,   you have   to   find   new   ideas,   experiment with    new    construction    techniques, use     of     innovative     materials     and equipment. All     this     to     create     new     knives collection   of   high   quality   can   satisfy the most demanding collectors. The    reputation    is    important,    what interests   me   and   that   all   the   major collectors    of    knives    who    bought    a knife   Moro   Knives   have   been   really satisfied. Every    year    starts    a    new    challenge and     every     time     I     am     ready     to participate     with     unique     amazing collection knives. Moro Knives, the Italian Knife Maker specialist.  
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